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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can individuals buy our products?

A We sell our products only to corporations.We don't sell directly to individual customers. When individual customers would like to buy our products, we will introduce the retail shops where our products are sold.

Q Where is the location of factory ?

A  Our factory is in Sabae city where over 90% of eyeglasses produced in Japan are made.

Q What is production method?

A  Our main production method is injection. Melted plastic material is injected into a metal mould, hardened, and removed from a mould. Speedy mass production is possible.

Q What are strong points ?

A We have integrated production system from design to delivery.This allows for smooth production. Also, we are good at high technology products which other companies cannot do.

Q What is an OEM flow ?

A We discuss about specification with customer → We make 3D drawing .→Customer confirm our 3D drawing.→ We make a sample by 3D printer. →Customer confirm our sample.→Customer pay deposite. → We start production of mould. → We start mass production. → After your payment, we delivery the products.

Q What is the OEM lot size ?

A Eyeglasses
1.In case you develop your own new model,MOQ is 1,000pcs per model with only Black color. When you need special color,MOQ is 2,000pcs/model.
2.In case you order our existing model,MOQ is 100pcs per model with Black color. When you need standard painting colors, MOQ is 200pcs per color.
MOQ of special product is 500pcs per model with only Black color. MOQ of special product is 1,000pcs with White color or transparent clear color.

Q What is the estimated leading time ?

A Eyeglass:
1. In case you develop your own new model, it takes about 6 months after a mould goes into production.
2. In case you order our existing model, it takes about 3 months after specification gets fixed.

Q What kind of materials are used ?

A We are committed to environmetal responsibility. We use bio acetate which return to the soil or recycled plastic bottles for eyeglasses.

Q What kinds of color are possible ?

A Various colors are possible. We can make patterns by painting or printing .Even if color is painted or printed, it is highly durable and will not peel off. MOQ of painting color is 200pcs per color. MOQ of injected color is 2,000pcs per color.

Q Is there a charge for a sample ?

A First sample is free of charge . Next samples are charged USD100 per piece.

Q What is the delivery terms?


Q What is the payment terms?

A It is 30% deposite payment before starting a production and the balance payment before shipping . We accept only TT payment. For new mould model, we issue 30% deposite invoice after customer's confirmation of a sample. After we receive the payment, we start to produce a mould. For our existing mould, we issue 30% deposite invoice after specification gets fixed. After we receive the payment, we start to produce .

Q Do products meet the international quality standards?

A Eyeglasses which are made from bio acetate or recycled plastic bottles are certified to meet the criteria of EU international standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015.

Q What is the warranty periold ?

A Customer must inspect the goods within 10days of receipt and report any problems within 7days of inspection. We will take care if we are responsible for the problem after confirming the problem.

Q Is the proof of origin possible?

A Yes, it is. When customer need it, please inform us.

Q How much is mould fee ?

A Eyeglasses
Mould fee for front is USD4,600 and for temple is USD3,800. (Leading time is about 3 months.)
Mould fee is USD8,400. (Leading time is about 1 month.)
Mould fee is USD12,500. (Leading time is 1 month.)

Q What is the heat resistance temperature?

A Heat resistance temperature for PET, acetate, and ABS resin is 70℃.

Q What kinds of data are suitable for production?

A For printing, we recommend illustrator. Internet images may be rough and unusable when printing . Over 350dpi is fine. For 3D data, any formatt is OK. We make a sample by 3D printer and check it with customers.



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